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We are fortunate to share a unique environment here at New Hope Transport, with a dedicated, highly skilled workforce that has a proven foundation built on mutual respect. Each of us brings unique skills and has a measurable and essential contribution to help achieve our common goals. Above all, while working safely, we must focus on continuously achieving quality standards in everything we do in order to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.

Your Career At New Hope

The keys to our ongoing growth, competitive advantage, and success in the future in our target markets are:

  • Supporting a work environment that thrives on innovation to identify new solutions to new and old challenges;
  • Ensuring the work we do, and that of our fellow employee, is performed safely;
  • Continuously striving for new and more efficient methods and processes within our facility to decrease costs;
  • Reviewing and enhancing our internal and external business partnerships to strive for greater productivity;

Open Communication & Cooperation

New Hope Transport has consistently endeavoured to follow our terms and conditions of employment in the past and is willing to address employee concerns for the future. Our strength is based on open communication and cooperation and you are encouraged to bring matters of concern forward to be addressed by your respective supervisory member of management.

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